The Value of Tree Trimming & Removal

Trees can add a pleasing aesthetic quality to your home, they also provide shade in the summer can offer a fun place for kids to play, but most people don’t think about what that tree will look like in fifty years. Maintaining a tree is not difficult, but due to how infrequently it needs done many people forget until it is too late and the tree has, or is about to cause damage to their home. Trees have branches die often, these limbs do not always fall off, sometimes it can be years or even decades before a dead branch is a problem. A simple trim at the end of the year however removes all chances of that limb ending up in your living room.

In The Context of Home Safety Property Value, & Aesthetics

Branches hanging over your home can cause your roof to mold, this is a large issue, it affects the aesthetics of your home, the value if you plan to sell as well as the safety of the home. Aesthetics are ruined by a large blacked stain on your roof, it is removable, but so is the tree! Property value can drop for a few reasons, that ugly black stain is one, the potential to have a tree branch in your living room is another and lastly the mold can cause damage to your roof. The damage to your roof is more costly to fix than having the tree trimmed away from your home. From small leaks to large collapses, tree overhang can cause a range of problems that will lighten your wallet to fix. While trimming away branches it must stay evenly balanced, if you trim all the branches off one side, such as toward your home the tree increases the chances of falling over in high winds. In cases such as this full removal may be best.

Another safety issue is with climbing the tree, this is a fun pastime most kids indulge in, but what happens when one of them falls out. Usually broken limbs, and not the ones on the tree. A costly hospital trip later you may find yourself wanting that tree gone. Trimming it so kids can not reach bottom branches is one option, however, in this situation full removal may help you feel better.

Trimming a young tree is good for growth, it will help it be stronger as it ages, while yearly trims are not needed having an expert at least assess if a trim is needed is a wise choice. Low hanging branches can be removed to make walking or mowing under the tree easier, while higher branches can be cut to avoid interference with the roof, or power lines. Older trees should be trimmed for dead wood and removed if they become unhealthy so they do not pose a threat to your home, car or kids.

The property value of your home can be increases by removing or trimming a tree, no one wants a large unruly tree in their new front yard. Most people get large trees trimmed first, if they find the tree looks worse, or is mostly dead then it ends up being removed. The best part of removing an old tree is planting a new one in its spot! Yards with small or no trees typically sell better, talking with a real estate agent can tell you if you are better to trim or remove that tree in your yard.

As far as aesthetics this is a purely personal topic, what one person considers an ugly tree that needs to be removed another may see a great spot for a swing. For the most part if you like the tree, just have it trimmed routinely. If your home no longer looks the way you like because of a tree, or multiple trees it is time to have them removed. There are many other factors that may convince you to remove the tree, some of which you may not have considered as the trees fault. Bugs an insects are one, research what insects like the type of tree you have, if you have issues with a surplus of these pests, then removing the tree may be a wise choice. We use professional stihl machines

If your yard is full of tree roots from a shallowly rooted tree removal may be in your best interest. If a trees roots are interfering with your septic tank, well pump or other underground utility lines it may be time to remove said tree. Trees suffering from disease, illness or rot are usually best removed, typically by the time an arborist has removed the affected area there is not enough tree left to be stable. If you think your tree needs a trim, or if you just want it gone talking to a professional is best, while you can remove a tree your self it is really not recommended as you can cause severe damage to yourself, your property and potentially your neighbors property.